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Our suite of white labelled web apps have been carefully designed to capture image and video footage. With instant upload to our viewing hub, the footage can be downloaded or shared instantly. Our viewing hub also allows you to zoom, apply filters and add annotations on all images.

Professional Photography

Using our platform we instantly allocate a local photographer across the entire UK who will take detailed and professional photographs in accordance with your instructions.

  • 1, 2 or 4 day turnaround
  • Skilled and trained photographers
  • Quality control checked


Capture the damage and condition of a vehicle before and after repairs for peace of mind. The web app will guide users through the required steps and will instantly upload images to the hub on completion. The app allows the customer to sign on check-in and check-out so that everyone is in agreement with the pre-accident and post-repair condition. This web app also captures the vehicle's current fuel level and mileage and is time and date stamped with the customers signature.

Motor Repair

Using the step by step guides developed over many years with our clients, we ensure the policy holder takes the correct photographs to assist you in making the right decisions. This app complements a fast track process as images can be taken and uploaded within minutes of deploying.

Show me

This app allows you to upsell or send videos to your customers. Take a video of extra damage or to provide the customer with an update on the repairs.